Michael Johnson, Physical Therapist, Partner and Director of Benton Physical Therapy, Malvern Physical Therapy, and Pro-Active Physical Therapy Bryant

Michael and his beautiful wife Gayla are current residents of Benton, AR. They have 2 daughters, one in college and one in high school, he says he loves getting out-of-the-blue hugs and I love you from his girls. Their pets include a 13yr old dog named Cotton and an 8yr old cat named Princess. In his free time, Michael enjoys hunting, fishing, cooking and if you ask his wife getting on her nerves. One day Michael would love to be able to learn to fly and go on an elk or stag hunt in the mountains with his dad. Michael joined our team in January 2010 and became the director of Benton PT and Malvern PT in October 2010. He was recently made a partner in the company in January of 2018. Michael truly enjoys his job and the people he works with. When asked what one of his favorite parts of the job is he says “I love the day to day interaction with the staff, everyone that works here is like my family”.