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Golf Fitness

Are you looking to improve your golf game?

Pro-Active Physical therapy has just the program for you!

Our goal at Pro-Active Physical Therapy is to provide our clients a personalized golf program that is focused on promoting good physical health while working to eliminate any physical limitations that may be hindering their golf performance. Whether it be a one-time screening, a single session on our Trackman, or the full 6-week program, Pro-Active Physical Therapy can create a program for you.

  • 1 TPI Screen and Trackman Session- $100
  • Trackman- $50 per hour
  • Indoor Hitting Facility- $20 per hour $15 per half hour
  • 6-week package- $475

Our 6-week program will begin with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screening that will give insight into any physical limitations that may be hindering your golf swing. Once the assessment has been completed you will have the opportunity to hit on our Trackman Launch Monitor.

Following your first session, our TPI Certified Athletic Trainer in conjunction with our physical therapist will develop a workout plan that will be tailored to your personal needs based on the TPI screen, as well as a stretching program. You will have the opportunity to utilize these programs in our physical therapy gym and athletic performance facility. Each week for the next 6 weeks you will have to opportunity to come in twice a week and have access to our sports room where you will be able to hit golf balls at your leisure and have your program monitored. You will also be stretched by our Licensed Athletic Trainer or one of our Physical Therapist twice a week during the golf fitness program. At the end of the third week of the golf fitness program, you will be given another TPI screen as well as have the opportunity to hit on the Trackman Launch Monitor.

For the 3 weeks following the reassessment, you will be able to work on any issues that may still be present. At the end of the sixth week, a final TPI screen will be conducted as well as a final trackman session. In Addition, if swing faults have been identified, we can make the data available to your local club professional if you desire.

For more information contact us at 501-778-4960.